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I have a pending changelist that I want to delete. I use p4v client. I know that on Windows I can right click on it and I have delete option, but on Mac this option is missing. Is there other way to delete it? Thanks!

Edit: I'm interested to delete all files from the changelist also if is possible to do this.

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I think the easiest way, assuming you want to revert the files on the changelist also is:

  1. right click on changelist, select revert- will get rid of all changes to those files.
  2. now you should be able to right click and delete the changelist.
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If you don't wish to revert the files, but just want them in a separate changelist, you can create another changelist and drag the files from this changelist to the other one. – Bryan Pendleton Apr 13 '11 at 13:56

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