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I am working on an android application which is able to connect with an openerp server and retrive the userid and also the individual fields of the different contacts of that user.

below is the code on the things i have done so far

   public int Search()

           searchClient = new XMLRPCClient("http://"+lp.HOST+":"+lp.IN_PORT+lp.URL_XML+lp.URL_OBJECT);

                   record = (Array[]) searchClient.call("search",lp.DB_NAME, lp.uid1, lp.PASSWORD, "res.partnet.contact","execute", arguments);

           catch(Exception e)
                   Log.i("------------------ CONNECTION FAILED Search", e.toString());

           return 0;

i appreciate the help given

Thank you,

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What are you asking? I don't see any question here. –  Don Kirkby Apr 13 '11 at 18:46

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try to interchange the position of method search and execute.The method execute must be given before search.Also try searchClient.callEx instead call only like you do it above!

record = (Array[]) searchClient.callEx("execute",lp.DB_NAME, lp.uid1, lp.PASSWORD, "res.partnet.contact","search", arguments);
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Is that working for you? I am using this arr = (Array[]) client.call("execute", "openerp", "admin", "password","product.product", "search"); where arr is Array[] arr. But it is returning me a html file –  tejas Dec 26 '13 at 11:20

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