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I am formatting the currency using Tostring() method i m using following synatx

ToString('##.##') it is working perfectly but in case of round number it remove last 2 zero

like for 100 it does not show 100.00 is shows 100.

how can i format in that way means input desired output 100 100.00 100.10 100.10

thanks in advance

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Try "##.00" instead.

That will force two digits after the decimal separator.

You can also use ToString("C") to use the culture specific format in Windows directly.

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First google result.

String.Format("{0:C}", x.ToString());

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This might help. Might be more than you need, but it takes globalization into account which might be necessary. "C" is also a short-cut currency format string that might get you further along.

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You can use :


Hope it helps.

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Also, if you don't want the currency sign ($ in the US) added that "C" gives, you can also use "F2", which is "fixed number with 2 decimal places". It also has the advantage of giving you a thousands separator when you results go over 1,000.00.

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