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For some module, i need to use Facebook XDReceiver.htm, and to use it in module.

What is the best place for this file?

Can i just put it in some folder in my module?


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The best way would be to create your own, simple module and place that file inside (for the sake of simplicity and clarity). You could then access it with URL like http://www.mysite.com/MyModuleProjectName/XDReceiver.htm (assuming the file would be placed at the module root)

I guess you have some exisiting Facebook-related code, because the XDReceiver.htm file is no longer needed for Facebook API to work, as it's using OAuth 2.0 now.

If you are creating a new application and want to wire it with Facebook Connect - there are existing Orchard modules for doing that: Facebook Connect and Open Authentication (which allows user to log into Orchard using Facebook and many other OAuth providers - Twitter, Google etc).


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Is the Open Authentication module still being worked on? Or are there any better modules available? –  Julian S Sep 18 '12 at 20:17

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