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Your sdk rocks. I have built several apps using the sdk quickly, so thank you for that.

I have searched this topic, but could not find a direct answer. I will try to explain it as clear as I can.

Like many other developers, I am hosting on our server more than one app. I have managed to make apps work both from web.config and by passing IFacebookApplication to FacebookContext.SetApplication().

As it was mentioned on other posts, setting the configuration programmatically via FacebookContext.SetApplication() seems to be the only choice for me now.

The BIG questions:

  1. Is this method setting the IFacebookApplication for the entire application? I mean, is this change global? Or is it just for the current FacebookClient?

  2. if I have a high user concurrency on different fb-apps(on the same application), will calling FacebookContext.SetApplication() *simultaneously* from each fb-app make errors/collisions?

  3. Is it "concurrency safe"?

I will appreciate concrete and direct answers.

Thank you for your great work!

Cheers, -Itye

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possible duplicate:… – Aleadam Apr 14 '11 at 4:30

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