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I have one base class BASE and couple inherited class BASE_1, BASE_2,, BASE_3. I have in code BASE test but how to discover on what class it points: BASE_1, BASE_2 or BASE_3 ?

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BASE test = getSomeBase();

// method 1
System.out.println(test.getClass().getName());  // prints the classname

// method 2
if (test instanceof BASE_1) {
   // test is a an instance of BASE_1
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I am not clear what you are asking but you can make use of getClass() method and instanceof operator.

If it is something like

Base b = new Child1();
b.getClass();//will give you child1
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To see the class name of a particular object, you can use:


But you shouldn't generally care, since any functionality that depends on which subclass you have should be implemented as overridden ("polymorphic") functions in those subclasses.

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+1 for "But you shouldn't generally care" –  Don Roby Apr 13 '11 at 13:37

You can use instanceof to check for a specific type or .getClass() to get a Class object describing the specific class:

Base test = getSomeBaseObject();

System.out.println("test is a " + test.getClass().getName());
if (test instanceof Base1) {
  System.out.println("test is a Base1");
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