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I have Eclipse set up to yield warnings about missing Javadoc tags. However, I would like to suppress warnings for missing @throws RemoteException tags for my RMI interfaces, as these are implied by extends Remote in my interface declaration.

Is there a way to do this via @SuppressWarnings (I'm not that familiar with the syntax) or some other setting?

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@SuppressWarnings("javadoc") is the answer, but it does not work in eclipse 3.6. It is fixed for eclipse 3.7.

see here: Eclipse - @SuppressWarnings("javadoc") does not work

and here: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=179566

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Eclipse - @SuppressWarnings("javadoc") does not work

This seems to discuss the issue you're running into. I just checked the bug listed in the answers, it looks like this is going to be added in Eclipse 3.7.

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