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I have a custom service object which has an getAll method that returns an List of custom objects. I would like to bind this getAll method to a datagridviewcomboboxcolumn.

My Object:

Public Class Category

    <Column(PrimaryKey:=True)> _
    Public Property ID As Integer

    <Column(Length:=50)> _
    Public Property Description As String

End Class

My Service:

Public Class CategoryService

    Private tableName As String = "categories"

    Public Shared Function GetAll() As CustomList(Of Category)
        Dim query as String = String.Format("select ID, description from {0}", tableName)
        Dim cmd as SqlCommand = SharedSQLDao.GetSqlCommand(query)
        Return SharedSqlDao.GetList(Of Category)(cmd)
    End Function

End Class

How would I bind this in the Designer? It works from code when doing:

Dim colCategory As New DataGridViewComboboxColumn() With {.DisplayMember = "description", .ValueMember = "id", ... })

colCategory.DataSource = CategoryService.GetAll()
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