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Using SQL Server 2008, I have a query that is used to create a view and I'm trying to display a month's name instead of an integer.

In my database, the datetime is in a column called OrderDateTime. The lines in the query that return the date is:

DATENAME(yyyy, S0.OrderDateTime) AS OrderYear,
DATEPART(MONTH, S0.OrderDateTime) AS OrderMonth

This returns a column of years and a column of months as integers. I want to return the month names (Jan, Feb, etc). I've tried:

CONVERT(varchar(3), DATEPART(MONTH, S0.OrderDateTime) AS OrderMonth

This is obviously is incorrect, as I get "Incorrect syntax near 'AS'" message. What is the proper syntax for my query?

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The incorrect syntax message is due to not closing off the final brackets before the AS - CONVERT(varchar(3), DATEPART(MONTH, S0.OrderDateTime)) AS OrderMonth –  Jaymz Apr 13 '11 at 14:27

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This will give you the full name of the month.

select datename(month, S0.OrderDateTime)

If you only want the first three letters you can use this

select convert(char(3), S0.OrderDateTime, 0)
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Have you tried DATENAME(MONTH, S0.OrderDateTime) ?

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CONVERT(varchar(3), DATEPART(MONTH, S0.OrderDateTime) AS OrderMonth


CONVERT(varchar(3), DATENAME(MONTH, S0.OrderDateTime)) AS OrderMonth
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I think you mean DATENAME. DATEPART wouldn't do it. –  Druid Feb 11 '13 at 14:11

This will give you what u are requesting for:

select convert(varchar(3),datename(month, S0.OrderDateTime)) 
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Select SUBSTRING (convert(varchar,S0.OrderDateTime,100),1,3) from your Table Name

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Try this:

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