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Two common problems in WCF that many people face is the impossibility of loading the client configuration from different configuration files and Close vs Abort issue.


This is a common scenario when the developer wants to deploy some binaries with along with an independent configuration file (Which may be in a resource file also or another configuration file) to avoid modifying the main configuration file.

I ask question here:

Loading the WCF configuration from different files on the client side


2.) I'm confused too about Close vs Abort


Wcf Service Proxy Helper

Why does ClientBase Dispose need to throw on faulted state? (Or, what's the difference between close and abort?)

Ideal target for me: Load configuration from different files on the client side and helper class for manage Close-Abort.

I need use CustomChannelFactory and manage exceptions for Close-Abort channel.

I have seen many-many references, and it's very much confused for me.

any suggestions for a the best solution ?

I use VS 2008 and .NET 3.5.

More references:

RotemBloom -Disposing of WCF Proxy

WenlongDong -Open WCF Proxy Explicitly

WenlongDong -WCF Proxy Creation in .NET 3.5

Michele LerouxBustamante -WCF Proxy Wrapper

Erwynvan derMeer -WCF Proxy Helper

RotemBloom -WCF Proxy Function

"vipulm" -Dynamic WCF Proxy from Metadata

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