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I am trying to compile this piece of code found below. However, I got an error saying "Initialization value must be constant expression."on every line of iteminfo_fields, weaponinfo_fields and projectileinfo_fields definitions, except at the last line of each "{NULL, 0, 0}" I am guessing it is from ITEMINFO_OFS(), WEAPON_OFS(), PROJECTILE_OFS().

I am trying to understand these three lines:

#define WEAPON_OFS(x) (size_t)&(((weaponinfo_t *)0)->x)
#define PROJECTILE_OFS(x) (size_t)&(((projectileinfo_t *)0)->x)
#define ITEMINFO_OFS(x) (size_t)&(((iteminfo_t *)0)->x)

But, I really cannot understand how they work...??? I need help dissecting them. Can anyone read them and rewrite them in a simpler form?

#define WEAPON_OFS(x) (size_t)&(((weaponinfo_t *)0)->x)
#define PROJECTILE_OFS(x) (size_t)&(((projectileinfo_t *)0)->x)
#define ITEMINFO_OFS(x) (size_t)&(((iteminfo_t *)0)->x)

fielddef_t iteminfo_fields[] =
{"name", ITEMINFO_OFS(name), FT_STRING},
{"model", ITEMINFO_OFS(model), FT_STRING},
{"modelindex", ITEMINFO_OFS(modelindex), FT_INT},
{"type", ITEMINFO_OFS(type), FT_INT},
{"index", ITEMINFO_OFS(index), FT_INT},
{"respawntime", ITEMINFO_OFS(respawntime), FT_FLOAT},
{"mins", ITEMINFO_OFS(mins), FT_FLOAT|FT_ARRAY, 3},
{"maxs", ITEMINFO_OFS(maxs), FT_FLOAT|FT_ARRAY, 3},
{NULL, 0, 0}
//weapon definition
static fielddef_t weaponinfo_fields[] =
{"number", WEAPON_OFS(number), FT_INT}, //weapon number
{"name", WEAPON_OFS(name),FT_STRING},   //name of the weapon
{"level", WEAPON_OFS(level), FT_INT},
{"model", WEAPON_OFS(model), T_STRING}, //model of the weapon
{"weaponindex", WEAPON_OFS(weaponindex), FT_INT},//index of weapon in inventory
{"flags", WEAPON_OFS(flags), FT_INT},//special flags
{"projectile", WEAPON_OFS(projectile), FT_STRING},//projectile used by the weapon
{"numprojectiles", WEAPON_OFS(numprojectiles), FT_INT}, //number of projectiles
{"hspread", WEAPON_OFS(hspread), FT_FLOAT},//horizontal spread of projectiles (degrees from middle)
{"vspread", WEAPON_OFS(vspread), FT_FLOAT},//vertical spread of projectiles (degrees from middle)
{"speed", WEAPON_OFS(speed), FT_FLOAT}, //speed of the projectile (0 = instant hit)
{"acceleration", WEAPON_OFS(acceleration), FT_FLOAT},//"acceleration" * time (in seconds) + "speed" = projectile speed
{"recoil", WEAPON_OFS(recoil), FT_FLOAT|FT_ARRAY, 3},//amount of recoil the player gets from the weapon
{"offset", WEAPON_OFS(offset), FT_FLOAT|FT_ARRAY, 3},//projectile start offset relative to eye and view angles
{"angleoffset", WEAPON_OFS(angleoffset), FT_FLOAT|FT_ARRAY, 3},//offset of the shoot angles relative to the view angles
{"extrazvelocity", WEAPON_OFS(extrazvelocity), FT_FLOAT},//extra z velocity the projectile gets
{"ammoamount", WEAPON_OFS(ammoamount), FT_INT}, //ammo amount used per shot
{"ammoindex", WEAPON_OFS(ammoindex), FT_INT},   //index of ammo in inventory
{"activate", WEAPON_OFS(activate), FT_FLOAT},   //time it takes to select the weapon
{"reload", WEAPON_OFS(reload), FT_FLOAT},   //time it takes to reload the weapon
{"spinup", WEAPON_OFS(spinup), FT_FLOAT},   //time it takes before first shot
{"spindown", WEAPON_OFS(spindown), FT_FLOAT},   //time it takes before weapon stops firing
{NULL, 0, 0, 0}

//projectile definition
static fielddef_t projectileinfo_fields[] =
{"name", PROJECTILE_OFS(name), FT_STRING},//name of the projectile
{"model", WEAPON_OFS(model), FT_STRING},//model of the projectile
{"flags", PROJECTILE_OFS(flags), FT_INT},//special flags
{"gravity", PROJECTILE_OFS(gravity), FT_FLOAT}, //amount of gravity applied to the projectile [0,1]
{"damage", PROJECTILE_OFS(damage), FT_INT},//damage of the projectile
{"radius", PROJECTILE_OFS(radius), FT_FLOAT},//radius of damage
{"visdamage", PROJECTILE_OFS(visdamage), FT_INT},//damage of the projectile to visible entities
{"damagetype", PROJECTILE_OFS(damagetype), FT_INT},//type of damage (combination of the DAMAGETYPE_? flags)
{"healthinc", PROJECTILE_OFS(healthinc), FT_INT},//health increase the owner gets
{"push", PROJECTILE_OFS(push), FT_FLOAT},//amount a player is pushed away from the projectile impact
{"detonation", PROJECTILE_OFS(detonation), FT_FLOAT},//time before projectile explodes after fire pressed
{"bounce", PROJECTILE_OFS(bounce), FT_FLOAT},   //amount the projectile bounces
{"bouncefric", PROJECTILE_OFS(bouncefric), FT_FLOAT}, //amount the bounce decreases per bounce
{"bouncestop", PROJECTILE_OFS(bouncestop), FT_FLOAT},//minimum bounce value before bouncing stops
//recurive projectile definition??
{NULL, 0, 0, 0}

Note: My situation is a bit complicated at the moment. However, I do not know the name of the compiler. The environment is Linux tho. It is not my code, but I need to have it compile.

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How can you not know the name of the compiler you're using to compile your code? –  Dan Puzey Apr 13 '11 at 14:32
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The macros attempt to extract the offset of a named member from the start of the struct containing that member.

Instead of WEAPON_OFS(name) use offsetof(weaponinfo_t,name) - and similar for the other macros.

EDIT: What the macros actually do.

#define WEAPON_OFS(x) (size_t)&(((weaponinfo_t *)0)->x)

This macro "pretends" there is a weaponinfo_t struct at address 0, and takes the address of a specific member of this weaponinfo_t struct. This yields the offset from the structs location (0) to the member variables location (0 or higher) as a pointer. The pointer is then cast to an integral, which still is the distance from the start of the struct to the start of the member variable - the offset of the member variable in the struct.

Apparently your compiler is unable to resolve this compiletime (which is fully possible to do though) - so you get an error instead of the constant value needed for your initializers.

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Here is a more complete explanation why both are the same (but the second one being more readable) eetimes.com/design/embedded/4024941/… –  RedX Apr 13 '11 at 14:40
"Instead of WEAPON_OFS(name) use offsetof(weaponinfo_t,name) - and similar for the other macros." Or, better, change the macro definition: #define WEAPON_OFS(x) ((size_t)(offsetof(weaponinfo_t,x))) –  Random832 Apr 13 '11 at 16:07
Thank you guys for the explanations. It took me some time, and some amount of reading. But, luckily I got it to work as I need. –  user598208 Apr 27 '11 at 10:26
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The interesting-looking macros re-implement offsetof, from <stddef.h>.

They work by asking the compiler "pretend that there's an instance of struct foo at address 0, what is the address of the field bar in that structure?"

Since the 0 (also known as a NULL pointer) is never dereferenced (the field is never written to or read, it just has its address taken with the & operator), this is not undefined behavior.

Since the address of the struct instance itself is 0, whatever address the compiler comes up with as the field's address is then equal to that field's offset from the start of the structure.

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