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My application has users entering records into a database. The records contain an auto-incrementing id, date (as text in mm-dd-yyyy format), a quantity (int) and a few other fields.

I'm trying to grab all the months and the sum quantity for each month. So that I can display them in my app like: Dec 2010 - 90qty, Jan 2011 - 45qty...

I'm using this query to do that:

return mDb.query("record", new String[] {KEY_ROWID, "strftime('%m-%Y', date)", "sum(quantity)"}, null, null, "strftime('%m-%Y', date)", null, null);

I believe the query is good but I get an exception when accessing the cursor. It says 'date' is not a column. If I rename "date" in from[] to "dateA", the exception reads, 'dateA' is not a column, so I believe that narrows the issue.

Cursor c = mDbHelper.fetchReport();
    String[] from = new String[] { "date", "quantity" };
        int[] to = new int[] { R.id.text1, R.id.text2 };

        setListAdapter(new SimpleCursorAdapter(this, R.layout.basicrow, c, from, to) {

Any ideas?

Update: When performing select strftime('%m-%Y', date), sum(quantity) from record; in adb shell, it returns ":94" ... the quantity is there (for all dates however) but date is not.

When I enter, select strftime(date) from record, it returns all the dates (3 in this test case). When I enter, select strftime('%m-%Y', date) from record, it returns 3 blank rows.

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Can you post your SqliteDatabaseHelper code? – James Apr 13 '11 at 14:38
Did you ever figure this out? I'm having this same problem now. – Kalina Jul 22 '11 at 21:54
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I believe the following happens. Here is your query (simplified):

select strftime('%m-%Y', date) from record

You do not select date column; you select a function which takes the column as a parameter. Databases in such cases assign the resultset columns some arbitrary names, such as


As you see, date column doesn't exist in the result set (just like the error says).

What you need to try is:

select strftime('%m-%Y', date) as date from record


select strftime('%m-%Y', date) as formatted_date from record

and use 'date' or 'formatted_date' to reference the resultset column.


select strftime('%m-%Y', date) from record, it returns 3 blank rows

This might be the different issue. If date indded is stored as text, then strftime() function wouldn't know how to format it.

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When I try those, it returns a result of blank rows. I have 4 dates in the column, it returns 4 blank rows. – Roger Apr 13 '11 at 15:13
What is the datatype of date field? Is it really text as you said? Then the result is somewhat predictable: strftime works with DATE type, not strings. – Vladimir Dyuzhev Apr 13 '11 at 17:43

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