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Is it possible to get the value of pointer to raw data of ctypes.Structure instance in Python C extension? I would like to access and copy data from/to the instance of this class without bothering the interpreter by importing and using ctypes.memmove or ctypes.addressof. In other words, does ctypes provide any C API which I can use directly?

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It doesn't appear that ctypes exposes a C API.

This is how it's done in >= 2.7:

ctypes source tagged at 2.7.1:

I don't see anywhere in the source where an API capsule is built. You'll have to use the ctypes Python interface via the Python C API instead.

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Thanks for the answer. If there is no public API, I'd prefer not to dig into sources — I do not need it that much. – fjarri Apr 14 '11 at 12:03

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