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so, i have a project in some path /main/oldProject/ with trunk, and branches folders within. I need to move the trunk and branches folder to a new one called /main/newProject/. I already imported an empty /main/newProject/ folder with TortoiseSVN but i don't know how to move all the contents from the existing folders.

i thought that svn export would do the trick but then i noticed that this will not move uncommitted changes. This is workable for me, but i was hoping there was a way to just copy the folders in the new one and run some operation that will let me work on the new path

any ideas?

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I take it that this move is within a single repository? If so, checkout the repository to a local working copy somewhere and simply drag the trunk & branches folders in Windows Explorer using the right mouse button instead of the left. When you release, a dialog box will appear and give you the option of an SVN Move or an SVN Copy. Choose whichever is appropriate in your case and commit.

This will perform a proper SVN copy/move with full history.

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