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I know there is tons of posts on this but they are all about specific problems that I didn't understand what is left, right and anything

I have 2 lists: left and right. I need to select all elements in left that are not in right.

List<T> left = GetLeft();
List<T> right = GetRight();

IEnumerable result = // Have no idea

How do I do this?

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That doesn't sound like a join at all... that sounds like:

var result = left.Except(right);
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Looks like thats it, I'm too used to SQL – Dani Apr 13 '11 at 15:43

Here is a solution I found.

Find all customers without purchases:


   Select c.Name from Customers c             
   Left Outer Join Purchases p on c.customerid=p.customerid 
   where p.price is null


   from c in Customers
   join p in Purchases on c.customerid=p.customerid into custPurchases
   from cp in custPurchases.DefaultIfEmpty()
   where cp==null
   select new
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