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Like the title says. I essentially want a way to make Mercurial "forget" a changeset in the local repository. Obviously, this would only work for changesets which had not been pushed without also reverting the original changeset.

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Mercurial doesn't make forgetting anything easy -- no commands that are destructive of history are enabled by default. Without enabling any extensions the easiest way to do this would be:

hg clone -U -r LAST_CHANGE_YOU_WANT your-repo new-repo

and then replace the .hg in your-repo with the one from new-repo.

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In this case specifically, I was trying to move changes between branches when the normal merge wouldn't work, so I used MQ, however I wanted the changes to remain in the working copy rather than accidentally getting pushed. It looks like one can do what I wanted with hg import --no-commit, which TortoiseHg does not currently (but should soon) provide any UI for.

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