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What table in the mediawiki database holds the page content? I want to access the mediawiki's database directly.

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You can take a look at the database layout of MediaWiki. The page content is located in the table text (on PostgreSQL it seems to be pagecontent)

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thanks @halfdan , do you know why is the name of the field is old_text, is that mean it isn't the current text? – jojo Apr 13 '11 at 17:17
From the documentation Field names are a holdover from the 'old' revisions table in MediaWiki 1.4 and earlier. – halfdan Apr 13 '11 at 18:20

Used this relationship to recover pages: page.page_latest=revision.rev_id -> revision.rev_text_id=text.old_id -> text.old_text Ref:

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Please explain how this answers the question in some more detail. How it answers the question is not clear. – rfornal Jan 9 '15 at 13:51

I recently had a mediawiki installation go so wrong I needed to retrieve page content directly from the database. Below is the MYSQL statement I was able to use to retrieve the page content with.

SELECT  `old_text` 
FROM  `mw_text` 
WHERE  `old_id` 
IN (

    SELECT  `rev_text_id` 
    FROM  `mw_revision` 
    LEFT JOIN  `mw_page` ON  `page_latest` =  `rev_id` 
    WHERE  `page_title` LIKE (

Note: my table prefix is mw_ yours will probably be different

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