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I have a string variable as


and I have a pattern as like:

/<OPTION [^>]*>\D*([^<]+)/g 

How can I print all the matched strings inside that variable and writing to console a newline character - \n after every matched string with Perl?

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I recommend the use of TreeBuilder to parse HTML. You will gain performance if use XPath or the look_down() function.

By the way:

my @arr = $variable =~ /<OPTION [^>]*>D*([^<]+)/g;
for(0 .. @arr - 1) {
    print $arr[$_] . "\n";
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You should use a module for processing HTML data. If you insist on doing it The Wrong Way:

print join("\n", $variable =~ /<OPTION [^>]*>\D*([^<]+)/g), "\n";
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