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I am looking for a good example implementation of a JavaScript/HTML AutoSuggest input box to get me started. What I am trying to implement will behave "Exactly" like the Tags input box here on stackoverflow.

If it helps I am using jQuery to perform Ajax request.

I am finding examples to help me implement this however I am concerned what about best practices in the area and would love to get opinions also.

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Er, jQuery Autocomplete? And another example.

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I am gonna go with jQuery Autocomplete – Jamey McElveen Feb 19 '09 at 19:31

Antonio Lupetti has just posted a review of Javascript based auto suggest scripts in his article Useful Ajax Auto Suggest scripts collection.

You might find some interesting links there?

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Try the YUI Auto complete. Works great!!

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I used brandspankingnew's AutoSuggest (and happy of it) ->

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