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I want to create a javascript application that works like this:

  • Has a function/namespace called bm.
  • At the start bm is just a function that has a method called setup, so two things are possible: calling bm() or defining some setup variables calling bm.setup(settings).
  • To use the library and expose the API bm has to be initialized first by calling the function: bm(url, options). If initialized succesfully, the API should be exposed so bm now has additional methods like bm.method1, bm.method2,...

I don't know how exactly is this possible, so I would like to hear any ideas, examples or suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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What's nice is functions are first-class objects, so you can add methods to them. Then your primary instance creating function just needs to check and make sure its called as an instance:

var bm = function(settings) {
    if (!(this instanceof bm)) {
        return new bm(settings);

    // Now we are sure we are working with
    // a new instance. Let's do stuff here 
    // to our new object.

bm.setup = function(settings) {
    return new bm(settings);

This can be called any of these ways:

var myObj = new bm();

var myObj = new bm(settings);

var myObj = bm();

var myObj = bm(settings);

var myObj = bm.setup(settings);
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Maybe something like...

function bp ( url, options ) {
    if ( !url || !options)
        return 'You fail mister';

    //declare stuff here:
    this.aMethod = function() {...};
    this.anAttribute = true;

    return this;
bp.setup = function( settings ) {
    return new bp( predefinedURL, settings);
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I don't see any problem here. You might want to add a callback function to the bm(), which is called when API is initialized, like this:

onAPIInitialized = function() { use the API };
bm(url, options, onAPIInitialized);

You can add functions to bm like to an ordinary object:

bm.method1 = function(...) {}
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