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I need to create two dropdowns for an app. One shows all countries the the world, the other is filled with all cities of a selected country in the first dropdown. Is there any web service or database that provides such information?

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I found a 800+ MB data dump (.txt) for that containing probably what I need. Anybody know any tool that can open such a HUGE .txt file? – Desmond Liang Apr 13 '11 at 18:34
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You can get a list of all the countries and all cities per country from a free database from that is only 33Mb.

Andrew Part of the "OpenGeoCode.Org" Team

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Given that you found by yourself the answer to your question, I'll give the answer for what you ask in the comment:

Maybe Boxer Text Editor will do the trick:

Large file capacity

  • edit files up to 2 GB in size
  • no theoretical limit on the number of open files
  • line lengths to 32K characters
  • total editing capacity is limited only by the operating system's virtual memory capabilities
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Geonames has several webservices which basically give you programmatic access to that 800m db.

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Have a look at WorldCitiesDatabase.Info
You REALLY don't want to have your two dropdowns filled out with over 2 million entries.

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I used the one at It has just about everything you need, countries, regions and cities

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