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I am a site, Site A, with a small simple hyperlink to a completly external site, SiteB, that hosts an electronic magazine for Site A. Clicking the link takes the user to SiteB, where they are given a logon page. I need to tell SiteB that uses from SiteA are already authenticated. SiteB allows this by SiteA posting a form with user identity data to access the magazine, instead of a normal GET request from the hypelink.

Is there any way I should be doing this rather than my envisaged, rather kludgy, approach. I have set the hypelink to point to a local form, which is never visible to the user. When hit, the form populates itself with correct user id data, and then posts itself to SiteB.

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JavaScript. Something like this in jQuery:

$('#myLink').click(function() {
    var url = $(this).attr('href');
        .attr('action', url)
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You'd likely be better off using a cookie. If you pass a token in the url, the user might (even unintentionally) copy the url and send to a friend, and it will have their auth info still in it. The cookie will remain on the user's machine, so can't be accidently copied to someone else.

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You seem to be talking about , but I personally find your solution good enough for all practical purposes. Mike's JavaScript will give you the same results, I have personally used this approach and everything was A-OK.

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