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I have a pattern matcher code as like:

use strict;
use warnings;
my $html = do {local $/; <HTML>};
$html =~ s/\n\ *//g;
while ($html=~m/<OPTION [^>]*>\D*([^<]+)/g){
    print $1;
    print "\n";

I want to do it until the file however I want to stop and break while loop it it sees any character that matches with a pattern that start with:


How can I do that with Perl?

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If you want to exit from a loop , you should use the last command:

last if ( $pattern ~= /^<\/S/ );
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My problem is that: my first regex checker removes the words that inludes "</S" so I should modify my code with doing something with my pattern at while loop? –  kamaci Apr 13 '11 at 19:50
( my $to_search = $html ) =~ s{</S.*}{}s;
while ($to_search =~ m{<OPTION [^>]*>\D*([^<]+)}g) {
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