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i have the following function in jQuery and javascript that creates a form element:

createEmail: function(title){
        var $emailForm = $('<form>',{action: 'sendEmail.php', id: 'emailForm'});
        var $table = $('<table>');

        var $tr = $('<tr>');
        $tr.append($('<td>',{text: 'Email From:'}));
        $tr.append($('<td>',{html: '<input type="text" value="" name="from"/>'}));

        $tr = $('<tr>');
        $tr.append($('<td>',{text: 'Email To:'}));
        $tr.append($('<td>',{html: '<input type="text" value="" name="to"/>'}));

        $tr = $('<tr>');
        $tr.append($('<td>',{text: 'Message Body:'}));
        $tr.append($('<textArea>',{name: 'msg', cols: 50, rows: 10,
                            text: 'Attached is the ' +title+ ' license key file.\nPlease place the file in the same directory as the "check_license.php" file for ' +title+ ' '}));

        $tr.append('<input type="hidden" value="'+title+'" name="title"/>');

        var $div = $('<div>').append($emailForm).dialog({
                title: 'Email ' + title + ' File',
                width: 600,
                modal: true,
                buttons: {
                    cancel: function(){
                    send: function(){
                        $.post($emailForm.attr('action'), $emailForm.serialize(),function(data){
                beforeClose: function(){
        $div.dialog('widget').css('margin','0 auto');


For some reason in IE the text area is not showing up and the dialog looks like this when you click on it:enter image description here

but in chrome and FF it looks normal: enter image description here

why is this happening? the text area still gets submitted to my php as if it has something in it (and when i use dev tools in IE8 it says there is content in it)

So why in IE does it not display an editable textarea?


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Can you try lowercase textarea? – Pekka 웃 Apr 13 '11 at 19:38
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If I'm reading correctly, it looks like you're appending your textarea to the row instead of the cell.

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yep that fixed it! thank you so much! nice catch! why did that only affect IE though? – Neal Apr 13 '11 at 19:40
will mark as correct when i can, thank you so much ^_^ – Neal Apr 13 '11 at 19:41

Perhaps IE is not recognizing the <textArea>, try <textarea>.

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