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i am getting the results of a query as


What format is it ?

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In Rdf this is the way to indicate the data type of a literal. For instance cardinality will be represented as


The result says literal "Sodium" of type string.

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It looks to me like you've called toString() on a literal (maybe just by printing it). RDF nodes in your results might be resources (either unlabelled or with a URI), or a literal. Literals are structured things in general, consisting of a lexical form and (optionally) a datatype or language. There's a convention from summarising these complex objects in strings, which you've found here.

For example:

// a plain literal, no datatype, no language

// typed literal, lexical form "Sodium", datatype xsd:string

// lexical form "Sodium", language "en"

If you're using jena try getLexicalForm() on the literal. xsd:string is a pretty annoying type.

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