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In my database, there is one table containing (ID, Name, Time, Type)

ID     Name    Time        Type
1      Osama   12:15 AM    IN
2      Osama   12:20 AM    OUT
3      Osama   14:15 AM    IN
4      Osama   14:20 AM    OUT

I need to construct a query to output the time-difference (OUT-IN)

Name, OUT-IN


Osama, 5
Osama, 5
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The TestData CTE here is purely for testing purposes. Also, I note that there is an error your data. Last I checked 14:15 AM isn't a valid time. It is either 14:15 (via 24 hr clock) or 2:15 AM (via 12 hr clock). Also, this solution would require SQL Server 2005 or later.

With TestData As
    Select 1 As Id, 'Osama' As Name, '12:15' As Time, 'IN' As Type
    Union All Select 2, 'Osama', '12:20', 'OUT'
    Union All Select 3, 'Osama', '14:15', 'IN'
    Union All Select 4, 'Osama', '14:20', 'OUT'
    , CheckInCheckOut As
    Select Id, Name, Time, Type
        , Row_Number() Over ( Partition By Name, Type Order By Time ) As Num
    From TestData
Select C1.Name
    , DateDiff( mi, CAST(C1.Time as datetime), Cast(C2.Time As datetime) ) As [OUT-IN]
From CheckInCheckOut As C1
    Join CheckInCheckOut As C2
        On C2.Name = C1.Name
            And C2.Type = 'OUT'
            And C2.Num = C1.Num 
Where C1.Type = 'IN'    
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You can do Max(TimeRecorded) if you are ok with assuming your times are sequential. This assumes your Ids are sequential. You can control either of those with check constraints.

declare @test table (
    Id int, Name varchar(50), TimeRecorded time, TypeOfTimeRecording varchar(3)

insert into @test values (1, 'Osama', CONVERT(time, '12:15'), 'IN')
insert into @test values (2, 'Osama', CONVERT(time, '12:20'), 'OUT')
insert into @test values (3, 'Osama', CONVERT(time, '12:25'), 'IN')
insert into @test values (4, 'Osama', CONVERT(time, '12:30'), 'OUT')

 select testOut.Name
        ,DATEDIFF(minute, testIn.TimeRecorded, testOut.TimeRecorded) as [Out - In]
   from @test testOut
            inner join
        @test testIn    on testIn.Id = (select MAX(Id) from @test where Name = testOut.Name and Id < testOut.Id and TypeOfTimeRecording = 'IN')
  where testOut.TypeOfTimeRecording = 'OUT'
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