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I am developing an iPhone app that uses a web based API that I control. Would it be faster or more efficient to connect to a constantly open TCP port and make requests via the TCP API, or make a new HTTP request for all the data that I want to fetch?

I am imagining that the different would be negligible, but I could be wrong.

New data is fetched pretty much every time a new view is loaded, so requests can happen fairly frequently.

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I think the difference would be minimal.

It is also worth noting that NSURLConnection supports the HTTP Keep Alive connections by default, so you could go straight HTTP and make sure your server is allowing the client to keep the connection alive.

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Ah, that is reassuring. Thanks! –  Alec Gorge Apr 13 '11 at 20:44

Having a "real" connection ("just like telnet does") is tremendously better than fooling with HTTP.

A simple example, if you imagine, oh, one of those big famous multiuser games, of course there's a "real" connection, it's not just http calls.

I hope this general answer, helps you in some way!

(Of course, it's likely you have to actually write your own server and so on .. tremendously more work.)

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Well I wrote the web API and I put in TCP access while I was writing the web access and I haven't written anything on the iOS networking side yet. I guess I will just go with the TCP method. –  Alec Gorge Apr 13 '11 at 21:49

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