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Already 2 hours I spent on Google to find this content slider. No luck.


I want the slider can support text, image or video. Then have arrow on left & right. Then have a menu below the slider.

Maybe something like this on real site.

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There is something called Anything Slider: http://css-tricks.com/anythingslider-jquery-plugin/

It supports html you so you can virtually put anything in there. Here is the Demo

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are you thinking of easyslider?

with it working identical to your example at http://cssglobe.com/lab/easyslider1.5/05.html

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Thanks.. I tested this one.. Cannot change the numeric on menu to text. – user700515 Apr 13 '11 at 20:52

These have

  • left/right controls
  • navigation
  • allow for content/text/image/video

Coda Slider 2.0

coda slider 2.0



Dual Slider seems a little more "beta" than Coda

of the several listings of jQuery sliders these two were found on http://www.ourtuts.com/jquery-slider-plugins/

@ImaStudent and @FatherStorm also answered with good slider's, I think some customization will be necessary given the specifics you're looking for.

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