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I am reading this tutorial: http://blog.dhavalparikh.co.in/2009/06/step-by-step-twitter-oauth-integration-with-rails/

OK, first redirect to twitter connect page. When I allow the connection, twitter redirect to https://twitter.com/oauth/authorize with a code for connect but this must redirect to a action which connect and create a new user in my db.

SO which could be the problem? How i must config the twitter application callback url and app url for localhost.

please i need this answer

Thanks in advance

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The problem is: Twitter send the token information via post. SO i receive the token by params. Also there is a problem with oauth 0.4. I am using oauth 0.3.4 because work in the correct form when twitter try redirect to callback url.

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This doesn't really answer your question but is a nicer way to do this. Omniauth is a nice gem for rails that makes it very easy to offer twitter, facebook etc. login.

A good intro to this was created by Ryan Bates of Railscasts.

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