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Is there a plugin for Eclipse for git-svn? I'm looking for a way to handle the SVN repo with Git (for fast branch switching etc.)

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It does not look like there is a Git plugin for Eclipse that supports git-svn yet.

EGit appears to be the most active and popular Git plugin for Eclipse at the moment and it does not support git-svn, but there isn't anything stopping you from using EGit with Eclipse and interacting with git-svn via command line (or via tortoise git for example).

Eclipse bug 315264 is the EGit bug for supporting git-svn, and it looks like something that the maintainers of EGit are willing implement, but they have other priorities atm. So make sure you vote for this bug if you want the feature.

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The workflow/tool combination described by @ztatic is the exact one I use (EGit/command line/TortoiseGit), although in the end I'm doing most of my interactions with git from the command line. –  Matt Passell Apr 13 '11 at 22:05
+1, great answer, you might have more privileges now... –  greg0ire Apr 14 '11 at 10:01

EGit is the only Git plugin for Eclipse at the moment. It doesn't support git-svn. But there is a way to make EGit work with your Subversion repository and this approach works with any other Git client.

SubGit is the server-side solution that enables Git access to your Subversion repositories as well as Subversion access to Git repositories. You may refer to SubGit documenation for more details, but in general they are quite straightforward:

    $ subgit configure $SVN_REPOS
    $ # Adjust $SVN_REPOS/conf/subgit.conf 
    $ #     to specify your branches and tags
    $ # Adjust $SVN_REPOS/conf/authors.txt 
    $ #     to introduce svn author names to their git counterparts
    $ subgit install $SVN_REPOS
    $ ... translating ... a little git is gonna born right here ... 

After that:

  1. You have a Git repository at $SVN_REPOS/.git.

    Though before install step you can adjust $SVN_REPOS/conf/subgit.conf to get as many Git repositories as you have projects in your Subversion repository.

  2. SubGit installed hooks into the repositories which are triggered by every svn commit and git push. This way SubGit immediately translates any changes.

  3. You have both Subversion and Git repositories and at any time you can drop one of them.

    So this way it works for those teams which want to play with Git and understand whether it's worth to use Git further.

Sure after that you have to setup the Git environment for created repository. SubGit is not a Git server. You might want to setup git-http-backend for that purpose.

I'm SubGit developer and I have a great experience using it for the last half of the year. Hope this comment will be helpful for everyone interested.

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