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If i have a gem 'foo' (Which is engine-based), how can i say that all files included in it will need the 'foo/' prefix when 'require'ing them?

For instance, if in my 'foo' gem i have a 'bar.rb' file, i'd like to be able to force that the inclusion of this file are done like this:

require 'foo/bar'

instead of the usual

require 'bar'

i want this behavior to apply whatever the inclusion context is (From an APP, from another gem, etc)...

i know it's doable since most of rails files are included through the 'rails' prefix:

require 'rails/something'
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You can't do that programatically other than manually specifying the prefix manually when the files are required. There's no way for Ruby to know other than if you tell it.

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i didn't understand your answer, can you please be a bit more specific? Thanks. –  Doodloo Apr 14 '11 at 9:59

How about this:

Dir["/path/to/directory/*.rb"].each {|file| require file }

Just make sure you have your foo in the root directory and the rest of the files in the subdirectory (otherwise it'll include itself)

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i feel like you're giving me the opposite answer (Include files from a folder), while i'm asking to be able to force developers who use my gem to specify a prefix for requiring a file in my gem. Or maybe am i mistaken? –  Doodloo Apr 14 '11 at 10:01

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