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I have a poll on the Facebook iframe tab on my fan page. I want to make the feature like here If user click Submit button then poll results will display and simultaneously feed dialog will appear.

I tried this code but it did not work: onclick="(return onVote(), function jsuipopup();)"

Script for feed dialog here:

<div id="fb-root"></div>
<script src=""></script>
    appId:'195xxxxxxxxxxxx417', cookie:true, 
    status:true, xfbml:true 
function jsuipopup(){

        method: 'feed',
        message: ' msg here',
        name: 'name here!',
        caption: 'captn here',
        description: ( descriptn here' ),
        link: '',
        picture: '',
        actions: [{
            name: 'vote it', 
            link: ''
        user_message_prompt: 'wright msg'

Work only one function not two. how to make two functions work simultaneously?

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Shouldn't this be enough:

onclick="return onVote(), jsuipopup(), false;"

Live example.

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Your code exits after onVote() executes, so jsuipopup() is never reached.

Try changing from this:

onclick="(return onVote(), function jsuipopup();)"

To this:

onclick="jsuipopup(); return onVote();"

Though for clarity, it may make more sense to have the function definition set to a variable that you can reference:

var voteAndStuff = function() { 
   return onVote();

And then just call it like this:

onclick="return voteAndStuff();"
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