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How do I make a python script as:

answer = raw_input() if answer: "BLAH" then import script

Well I'm new to python and really programming altogether. I got this book on python called learning python by: Mark Lutz. no where in the book have i found out how to do this but I haven't read threw the book fully I have looked everywhere and found a little help but I'm hitting so many snares in development on this simple program. Could anyone help me on this one?

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>>> if raw_input("input something!:") == 'BLAH':
...     import some_module.py
input something!:BLAH
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 2, in <module>
ImportError: No module named some_module.py
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Here is a simple example of how you can set this up:

$ ls
__init__.py  main_script.py  simple_script.py

$ cat main_script.py 
if raw_input() == "BLAH":
    import simple_script

$ cat simple_script.py 
print "simple_script imported"

$ echo BLAH | python main_script.py 
simple_script imported
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You mean something like this?

text = raw_input("import y/n: ")

if text == "y":
    import random #or whatever module you want

print random.uniform(10, 20)
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