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Is there a way to highlight a section of code to be commented out in one swoop using geany text editor?

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Control-E to toggle commenting.

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Why does geany use #~ for comments in bash instead of just #? – becko Mar 24 at 12:49
@becko: In fact it inserts three characters #~ . The last one is a space. I think the reason is to allow Geany to detect its own comments to be able to remove them when uncommenting and not to touch comments created different ways. – pabouk May 26 at 12:22
@becko: You can turn that off under "Comment toggle marker" in Preferences (I prefer setting it to a single space). – geira Jul 8 at 10:09
@geira see – becko Jul 8 at 12:23

Yes there is, you just have to highlight the code you want to comment then right-click, mouse over format and and click on "Comment Line(s)" to comment the lines. To uncomment,instead of selecting "Comment Line(s)" select "Uncomment Line(s)".

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