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I have both Mac OSX and Windows Vista Ultimate x64 and have installed the Android SDK, JDK(not on my Mac), Eclipse on both systems. I have also followed the installation and Getting Started instructions to set up the ADT on both systems. I am having a problem creating a project using the SDK sample ApiDemos on the Windows Vista system. All is good on my Mac system. When I go into Eclipse on the Vista PC, I use the New Android Project wizard 'Create project from existing source' option and designate the samples\android-ll\ApiDemos as the location of the existing source. When the project is created it gives me an error that the AndroidManifest.xml is missing. Also, in Project Explorer, all the folders are created but under the src folder there is no source files. Upon examining the file structure, it seems that the wizard has created another folder called ApiDemos under the existing ApiDemos where the original src folder is located. It seems that the wizard has created a whole new project folder hierarchy under the new ApiDemos folder. But the needed source and manifest files are not located there. Under Mac OSX everything was created under the existing ApiDemos folder and I was able to build the project on the Mac without problem. I cannot figure out why the Android Project wizard is creating a new folder with all the new project folders on the PC. I have tried to search this forum but no one else seems to have run into this problem. Sorry for the long explanation. I was able to create the HelloAndroid tutorial app without problem on the PC.

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Have you tried New -> Android Project then use 'Create project from existing sample'? (NOT 'existing source').

Specify the Build Target and it will give a list of samples which can be used.

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The same thing happens if I use the 'Create project from existing sample' option. If I look at the properties for the new ApiDemos project, under Resources->Linked Resources where the defined path variables are specified PROJECT_LOC is set to E:\Android\SDK\android-sdk\samples\android-11\ApiDemos\ApiDemos PARENT_LOC is set to E:\Android\SDK\android-sdk\samples\android-11\ApiDemos. I cannot edit the PROJECT_LOC. I think that PROJECT_LOC should be the same as the PARENT_LOC. I too new to Eclipse and Android development to figure out how PROJECT_LOC gets set. – user702715 Apr 14 '11 at 1:17

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