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I am trying to understand disassembly of a c# program using objdump, since I am using vsiaul c# 2008 express edition which does not display disassembly.

I am running the following command to get the output:

objdump -S ConsoleApplication4.exe 

since I am not able to identify my function codein the disassembly output, I put in a dummy variable with a value of 0x1234.

 public static void myfun()
        int i;
        i = 0x1234;

However, I am not able to find the value of 1234 anywhere in the generated file! i tried other options like -t or -T for objdump, but it says no symbol table found. Can someone please tell how to use objdump to view the disassembly of a function, or if there some other free tool?

EDIT : I am aware of MSIL disassmbler, I wanted to know the assembly language equivalent please..

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What exactly does this have to do with C++? Might also want to add the disassembly tag. –  Xeo Apr 14 '11 at 0:30

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Unless you have NGEN'd your application, it doesn't make sense to disassemble into assembly language since the MSIL isn't compiled into x86 code until it is jitted at runtime.

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If this has to do with C# and not C++, use MSIL Disassembler. Also, if you have .Net Reflector, FileDisassembler is a great tool for this as well.

Below are the links to MSIL Disassembler's complete example step-by-step and its msdn article.



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