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I find the collapse level (Alt+1, Alt+2, etc) functionality of Notepad++ extremely handy, but only the first level (Alt+1) seems to work for Python code. Manually collapsing a single code block works fine at any level, so it's not like Notepad++ can't handle the indentation-driven syntax.

Does anyone know of a plugin or maybe a setting I missed that would allow this functionality?

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You're right. Python collapse by shortcuts is only at level 1. There isn't any visible setting to fix that. Browsing at plugins page I didn't found anything. Maybe that folding issue is a bug. I suggest you to use Support & online help to get an explanation and/or solution, or submit a bug report if you can't find that.

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It turns out there is an open bug report (actually, two) regarding this issue. Thanks. –  oogles Apr 15 '11 at 5:55

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