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I want a diff output like

- old line 1
+ new line 1
- old line 2
+ new line 2

instead of

- old line 1
- old line 2
+ new line 1
+ new line 2

Is there a way to do this with GNU diff and/or other standard programs? --inhibit-hunk-merge looked promising, but it seems to be deprecated.

Context: I'm comparing two CSV files which differ only in a few columns. I want to

  • Make sure no other columns are changed
  • Compare the changed columns one by one (all rows are changed in those columns)

The plan is to

  1. Transpose the two CSV files so diff can compare columns
  2. diff and check each line in the output

I could use a side-by-side diff, but because each line is quite long, which contains every value for each row, that will be quite a strain on my eyes.

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What about something like:

diff -y file1 file2 | perl -n -pe 's/(.*)\|\t(.*)/- $1\n+ $2/'
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Wow, how obvious! I still wonder why diff doesn't support line-by-line output, other than chunking it all together. – ento Apr 15 '11 at 0:18

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