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I am building a RESTFul web application using SpringMVC.For the html views, I intend to use Google Closure templates.

Need suggestions on the approach, in case any one in the forum has had this architecture OR even has used google closure templates with a java based web application.


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This is not a forum, as in a bbs, this is a Q&A website about specific problems in software development. Please only ask questions about specific problems you have. The FAQ is a good guide of what should be asked here. – Matt Ellen Apr 17 '11 at 18:09
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I have just released an initial version of my integration library for Closure Templates and Spring MVC: https://github.com/tomakehurst/spring-closure-templates

See the wiki for some brief instructions on how to include in your project, and the example app in the source project for a complete example.

In answer to the question below about localisation support, I can quite easily add this if it's going to be of use to anyone. Please message me on GitHub if you have any requests such as this.

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Thanks Tom this was helpful.Also any thoughts on localization..since GCT relies on xliff. Would appreciate if you add the localization features to this code as well. – sapphire Aug 23 '11 at 4:34

While i wait for answers/suggestions, thought of proceeding with this approach -

For rendering html output use the Closure Templates as Spring View Resolver components. (Similar to FreeMarkerViewResolver)

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