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I have a setup script with a custom wizard page to get a choice from the user. It would be nice to have a help button and to supply a small CHM file with the installable so that I can provide a detailed explanation of what the choices are.

Anyone know whether there is an easy way to do this?

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See this post for details on how to include a file with the installation package and reference that file before installation has started.

To add a button to the install wizard, I included the following code in the InitializeWizard event handler.

procedure CreateHelpButton (ParentForm   : TSetupForm ; 
                            X            : integer ;
                            Y            : integer ;
                            W            : integer ;
                            H            : integer) ;

  HelpButton : TNewButton ;

HelpButton         := TNewButton.Create (ParentForm) ;
HelpButton.Left    := X ;
HelpButton.Top     := Y ;
HelpButton.Width   := W ;
HelpButton.Height  := H ;
HelpButton.Caption := '&Help' ;
HelpButton.OnClick := @HelpButtonOnClick ;
HelpButton.Parent  := ParentForm ;
end ;

procedure InitializeWizard () ;

CreateHelpButton (WizardForm, ScaleX (20), WizardForm.CancelButton.Top, WizardForm.CancelButton.Width, WizardForm.CancelButton.Height) ;

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