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I am working on a realtime data website that has a data-mining backend side to it. I am highly experienced in both Python and C++/C#, and wondering which one would be preferable for the backend development.
I am strongly leaning towards Python for its available libraries and ease of use. But am I wrong? If so, why?
As I side question, would you recommend using SQLAlchemy? Are there any drawback to it (performance is crucial) compared to _mysql or MySQLdb?


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What libraries are avail in Py that aren't in .NET? –  Will Apr 15 '11 at 2:22

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We do backend development based on Zope, Python and other Python-related stuff since almost 15 years. Python gives you great flexibility and all-batteries included (likely true for C#, not sure about C++).

If you do RDBMS development with Python: SQLAlchemy is the way to go. It provides a huge functionality and saved my a** over the last years a couple of times...Sqlalchemy can be complex and complicated but the advantages is that you can hide a complex database schema behind an OO facade..very handy like any ORM in general.

_mysql vs MySQLdb...I only know of the python-mysql package.

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thanks for the quick response. I totally get it about using python. but isn't SQLAlchemy really slow? I have a very big database with millions of rows.. is there no overhead when using SQLAlchemy? –  Raiders Apr 14 '11 at 4:57

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