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I have some code:


= form_tag 'search/index', :id => "index_form" do
  /* some fields there */
  = render :partial => 'geo_form', :object => @geo
  = submit_tag 'Search'


= form_tag 'search/save_geo', :id => "geo_form" do
  /* some fields there */
  = submit_tag 'Accept'

The problem is: when I complete the second(nested) form and press the 'Accept' button, rails process the first form. How can I get a program to process the second form after clicking 'Accept' button.

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you can use field_for method for nested forms.

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The correct way to do this is to use fields_for. It doesn't actually create a new form tag, but arranges the field names so that the you can call @model.update_attributes(params[:model]) and both models will be updated (assuming they have some sort of ActiveRecord relationship like :has_many or :belongs_to)

The code will look something like this:

form_for @my_model1 do |f|
    f.text_field :name
    f.fields_for @my_nested_model do |nested|
        nested.text_field :start_date

You can find great detail in this railscast:

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