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I am a fresher in Selenium. I have lots of doubt about Selenium functions. I am using Selenium RC with Java and Eclipse.

I need to write one simple function for adding two numbers. Where will I write that function inside the test()?

How can I call that function if we want any other object for this function? Do we need to declare any header file for calling this function? Please help me.

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Lets say the function is:

public void waitForElementExistance(final String elementLocator,
        final int seconds, final boolean exists) throws Exception {
    waitTimeFor(new Condition() {
        public boolean verify() {
            return selenium.isElementPresent(elementLocator) == exists;
    }, 10);

You write this function -- for example -- just above the test()

You can call it in your test() like this:

waitForElementExistance("css=div.buttonlabel:contains(Upload)", 10, true);
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I would look at this helpful tutorial part 1, part 2

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