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We want a simple file management system to be used by our employees.

We reviewed Jackrabbit and Alfresco and found Jackrabbit most suit our requirements. Yesterday I saw 2 more open source CMS's namely OpenKM and Hippo. I went through the sites and found that both of them are built on top of Jackrabbit.

My question is, what is the benefit of using these CMS's rather than directly using Jackrabbit? What extra benefit we will get if we go for any of the two rather than using Jackrabbit directly?

Actually I already spent a lot of time on analysing Alfresco and Jackrabbit and building a POC of them.

Now I again don't want to take the pain of digging into OpenKM or Hippo if its not worth.

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Thank you all for the answers. I am really sorry that I couldn't reply immediately. We finally opted to use jackrabbit alone as the solution and it is really a very good system. Our requirement is simply a file system and not a complete content management system. So jackrabbit is satisfying the requirement. Regards, Renju –  Renju May 31 '11 at 5:27

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Jackrabbit simply does not provide all the features of a complete content management system. Depending on what you need, Jackrabbit might still be enough for you of course. If you did not see any disadvantages in using Jackrabbit directly, then it might in fact be the right tool for you. But it's a decision you can and should make for yourself.

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I work for hippo, some I'm a bit biased ;-)

But Hippo delivers 'extra' functionality on top of Jackrabbit.

Like For example:

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You should really indicate your connection with Hippo, else this may be considered spam –  Mark Baker May 30 '11 at 18:19

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