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I have a very simple question. How to add own message to state on status bar?

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Please clarify your question. Do you want to change the label of certain states for certain objects? (like draft, open, closed, cancelled?) –  user707452 Apr 14 '11 at 7:12
Sorry for poor English. Bottom of window, there's a state label with message. I want to add message to this state label /notification message/ on OpenERP client app. How to do it? –  Zeck Apr 14 '11 at 7:56

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It looks like the form class in the client has a message_state() method that displays a message in the status bar. If you look through the client/bin/modules/gui/window/form.py file, you can find several calls. I didn't see any easy way to set that message from within a standard module, so you might have to hack the client code.

If you want to display a message from within regular module code, I think you're stuck with a pop-up warning dialog.

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Well U can custom message on form with changes in form.mako with understanding of mochikit.

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