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I'm do cross compiling with cmake and all is OK but the CMAKE_AR options.

I use set(CMAKE_AR ${GCC_PATH}/dld) to set CMAKE_AR. But I don't know how to set its option. On default, it use the options rc to create archive. But I need to change it to be -X -r5 -o. When use rc, it will complaint the file rc cannot be found.

How to fix it?

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Looks like the flags "cr" are hardcoded in the command for creating an archive. There's no way to override just the flags, you have to rewrite the whole command, like this:


There's also a CMAKE_C_ARCHIVE_APPEND (and CXX equivalent) that passes just the "r" flag to CMAKE_AR. You may have to change that one too.

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Thanks. It wrks. And I found those commands must be placed after the project(xxx) command. –  Yantao Xie Apr 17 '11 at 7:38
If I has a so to append to target archive, what option(<????>) should I append after <OBJECTS> ? Where is the reference of <TARGET>,<LINK_FLAGS> and <OBJECTS>? –  naive231 Jan 9 '14 at 2:31

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