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Simple example spring controller (if you're not familiar with spring, just look at the output html):

public class TestController {
    public String pathTest(){
        return "<html><head></head><body><a href='subpath'>subpath</a></body></html>";

If I go to http://mydomain/test, the link from the above html goes to: http://mydomain/subpath

If I go to http://mydomain/test/, the link from the above html goes to: http://mydomain/test/subpath

I guess this is simple, but I don't know how to ensure that the trailing '/' doesn't affect the application function. My primary concern is when users manually change the URL, they may or may not leave the trailing '/'.

What can I do to ensure my application works the same whether or not the final '/' exists?

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Do not return <a href='subpath'>subpath</a> return

<a href='/test/subpath'>subpath</a> instead.

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