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If I use the jQueryUI Drag & Drop plugin will it work as expected on a tablet?

I'm worried if a tablet would think the user was trying to scroll the page instead of dragging an item.

I don't have a tablet to test with so I was wondering if anyone knows if this an issue or not and if so is there any work around?

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You can do it but you'll need to use http://www.gotproject.com/blog/post2.html

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Gotproject gave me problems when I tried making a jQueryUI .dialog() draggable with it.

I had better results with the jQueryUI TouchPunch library:


That allowed me to make the my dialog draggable and resizeable using the standard jQueryUI methods, like so:


(NB: the .parent() is in there because jqueryUI .dialog() wraps your target div with a div of its own.)

Correction 25/10/2012

I was wrong about having to add the .draggable().resizeable() line to the jQuery.Dialog(). Just loading up the touch-punch library was enough to make it draggable and resizeable automatically.

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Works like a chaaarm! Thanks a lot. – zeusakm Jun 24 '13 at 5:02

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