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I want to Install any smooth working version of XCODE(for Iphone Apps development) on MAC machine having configuration as follows:- MAC OS Z1-9.2.2, Built In RAM-128 MB, MAC OS ROM 9.0.1.

What are the feasibilities with that MAC. Please help as I am just One day old for MAC.

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No, it's not possible. It requires a modern Mac OS X. Xcode4 requires at least Snow Leopoard, and IIRC so does the current Xcode 3.2.x.

Even if it were possible, my Xcode4 right now occupies about 590MB of RAM at the moment of this writing. You wouldn't want to run something like that on a system with just 128MB RAM.

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If possible Can I Upgrade my RAM to required MBs and Is it possible to upgrade my MAC OS from any APPLe website. – gagan sharma Apr 14 '11 at 8:09
Still not possible. I've got no idea what machine exactly you've got, but if it's running Mac OS 9.x it must be a PowerPC machine. And Snow Leopoard doesn't support PowerPC any more, only Intel. Even if you would be able to run Mac OS X on your machine, and even if you would be able to cram 2GB of RAM into your machine, your CPU still would be way too slow (and I bet even your harddisk in this machine would be a problem). Buy a cheap used Intel Mac Mini on eBay or if you have the money, an iMac or MacBook Pro. – DarkDust Apr 14 '11 at 8:15

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