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How can an item be removed from a BlockingCollection? Which of the following is correct?



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I think only TryTake() is an option? I can't find documention on the Remove() method on MSDN.

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I think TryTake(out item) will work. Remove does not exist in BlockingCollection class and Take does not take item as parameter.

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What about this code? - It's working but change the order of the collection. (And I didn't checked it in multi threads state).

public static bool Remove<T>(this BlockingCollection<T> self, T itemToRemove)
        lock (self)
            T comparedItem;
            var itemsList = new List<T>();
                var result = self.TryTake(out comparedItem);
                if (!result)
                    return false;
                if (!comparedItem.Equals(itemToRemove))
            } while (!(comparedItem.Equals(itemToRemove)));
            Parallel.ForEach(itemsList, t => self.Add(t));
        return true;
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You can't specify a particular item to be removed from a BlockingCollection<T>.

The Take() method removes an item from the underlying collection and returns the removed item.

The TryTake(out T item) method removes an item from the underlying collection and assigns the removed item to the out parameter. The method returns true if an item could be removed; otherwise, false.

The item which is removed depends on the underlying collection used by the BlockingCollection<T> - For example, ConcurrentStack<T> will have LIFO behavior and ConcurrentQueue<T> will have FIFO behavior.

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Well, I think the closest thing is TakeWhile, as in

myBlockingCollection.TakeWhile( m=>m == Item);

Of course the item type should implement IComparer or something, or maybe match with ID or something.....

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TakeWhile does not remove anything from the blocking collection, it just returns values. The TakeWhile you're referring to is the standard LINQ extension method. – Sean Thoman Feb 29 '12 at 20:38

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